Corporate Governance Policy

The Board of Directors adhere the principles of good corporate governance of the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") and the Stock Exchange of Thailand, ("SET") to manage and develop the company following the Good Corporate Governance for sustainable future and growth. Not only the principles gains trust to the company from shareholders, investors and all stakeholders, but also advance the company’s operations and competitive capabilities and sustainable growth.


Also, the Company adhere the importance of shareholders' rights and responsibilities to shareholders and stakeholders of the Company continuing Equitable Treatment of Shareholders, Information Disclosure and Transparency Including the Board of Directors being aware of the responsibility for duty and compliance with the principles of good corporate governance in order to increase confidence for shareholders, investors and all parties resulted in the Board of Directors passed a resolution approving and enforcing the corporate governance policy, which covers the main principles e.g. the structure, roles, duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors along with the management principles of the clean and clear management policy and shall be examined by applying the principles and practices in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance for listed companies 2017 of the Securities and Exchange Commission as a guideline for managing and organizing for the best interests of all shareholders and stakeholders. The essence of the policy can be divided as follows.

Corporate governance policy
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Human Resource Management and Development


ฝึกอบรมพนักงานประจำปี 2562

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ฝึกอบรมพนักงานประจำปี 2562

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Human Resource Management and Development

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Corporate Policy and Documents

Corporate Policy


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Code of Conduct

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 นโยบาย ESG

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นโยบายการใช้ข้อมูลภายในของบริษัท การรักษาความปลอดภัยระบบคอมพิวเตอร์

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Corporate Documents


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Whistleblowing Channel Form

Any suspicious of the Company and Subsidies, Company’s financial statements, internal audit or any misconduct against corporate governance policy or any corruption or misconduct found, please file the complaints or report sending to Company’s Independent Director or The Audit Committee. Your complaint or report is confidential and shall be forwarded to the Compliance Officer to be proceeded and the result shall be reported to Board of Directors or the Chairman. On this matter the company provides Complaints and Suggestions Channels and Company’s executives’ emails below:

TQM Corporation Public Company Limited

123 Ladplakao Road, Jorakaebua, Ladprao, Bangkok 10230

Send to Chairman of Chairman of The Audit Committee
1. Post
4. Complaint / Suggestion Box provided at the company.

เว็บไซต์ :

Chairman of The Audit Committee

Independent Director / Member of the Audit Committee or

Company Secretary

2. E-mail
3. Company’s Website

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